East Lake, West Lake, Big Spirit, Upper and Lower Gar, and Minnewashta are all in play.

Center Lake is not eligible waters.

Tournament Headquarters will be at Stan’s Bait and Tackle located at 2250-2402 U.S. 71, Milford Iowa 51351

Captain’s meeting 5/14 at 7pm.

First launch time: 5:00am

Lines in time: 5:30am

Lines out time: 3:00pm

Photos submission deadline: 3:30pm

Awards ceremony: 4:30pm

More details to come, keep checking back here and on the Facebook page All-American Kayak Series



Date Time League Season
May 15, 2021 5:30 am All American Kayak Series 2021


Stan's Bait & Tackle (Okoboji)
2250-2402 U.S. 71, Milford Iowa 51351


TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Josiah Meader90.51300
Mike DeBruin89.252295
Tyler Steinkuhler88.53300
Jordan Westerman87.754285
Corey Scherrman875280
Joe Bailey876276
Matt Hines86.257272
Jason Shreck868268
Brian Hillman869264
Matt Barnes85.7510260
Joey Vanyo85.7512254
Jeff Scott85.2513251
Lance Burris85.2514248
Pat Lassek84.516243
Casey Day84.517241
Nate Gloria84.518239
Chris Longshore84.2519237
Troy Enke84.2520235
Tyler Cole83.7522231
Jacob Kaiser8323229
Ryan Thompson82.7525225
Kolt Volker82.527221
Tony Hutchinson81.7528219
Marty Hughes81.7529217
Jeremy Brandes81.530215
Ethan Bretz81.2531213
Brady Storrs8132211
Tyler O’Brien80.7533209
Jeff Hook80.534207
Jeremiah Burish80.2535205
Clayton Cross80.2536203
Brian Coyne79.7537201
Bobby Rubek79.538199
Jay Muller77.540195
Sam Burke77.541193
James Baird75.7542191
Mason Good75.543189
Cliff Buck75.2544187
Joseph Douglas75.2545185
Tim Gurley69.7547181
Blake Collins68.7549177
Timothy Java45.550175
Carrie Neider29.7551173
Ben Steele1552171
Jason Essary053169