2022-2023 Classic Changes

We are going to move the Classic to the end of April going forward so that it does not conflict with both the KBF, who is keeping the NC in the Fall, along with the Hobie TOC.

The next All American kayak Classic will be April 28, 2023

Clubs will qualify their anglers in their 2022 season’s AOY race, just like we have been doing – top 10 in AOY plus 2 TD spots, plus 1 Sportsman of the Year award. These anglers will compete the following Spring in the Classic.

Other ways to qualify for the 2023 AAKC

  • Compete in the 2022 All American Series and earn a spot there, by finishing in the top 3 at a tournament.
  • Compete in a minimum of four 2022 All American Series events.
  • Finish in the top 10 in AOY points in the 2022 AAKS.
  • NEW– This will just be a 1 time only event for 2022 only. The All American Open Championship, April 29-30 2022. Location: Truman lake. This tournament will be a good preview of how Truman fishes around the spawn for the following year’s Classic featuring big cash payouts, trash pot and hourly big bass. The top 50% of the field will qualify for the 2023 Classic. This will replace the Open Shootout and moving forward after this event there will be no more Open Shootouts. Anglers will have to earn their spots in the Classic by one of the ways listed above.

Past Champions of the Classic also receive a lifetime qualification spot.

Results — Truman Lake, MO

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Matt Hines85.51300
Jared Fosnow822305
Josiah Meader783290
Brian Hillman72.255280
Chad Davison72.256276
John Stickley70.757272
Tyy Ward70.758268
Ben Steele69.59264
Marty Hughes69.510260
Mike Tichenor6911257
Jeremy Brandes68.512254
Mike Dent67.513251
Joey Vanyo67.2514248
Isaac Comer6715245
Joe Hayes65.516243
Troy Enke64.518239
Tim Gurley6420235
Jeff Scott6221233
Jason Shreck61.7522231
Andy Moore57.524227
Bill Dipman54.7526223
Tyler Steinkuhler52.2527221
Scott Stuhlmann5028219
Mark Springer49.2529217
Chris Moyher28.7531213
Jason Shifflet18.7532211
Jay Harman036209
Pat Lassek037209
Jordan Westerman038209