Classic Swap Meet

There will be a free tent and table space set up at the Classic for everyone to use to trade and swap fishing and hunting gear. This will be located in the field next to Everhart’s Outdoors.

If you make your own tackle this would be a great chance to sell some baits and get the word out about your product. Or if you just have a bunch of tackle, or gear you want to get rid of, just like a giant garage sale but a garage sale of outdoor products.

There will be plenty of space for everyone, so bring some swapping goods when you head towards Missouri! A get-together event like this, where everyone can trade goods is a very old local custom, ancient culture started by the Native Americans, and adopted by the hillfolk and trappers of old. Fur trappers refer to them as a Rendezvous.

This will be going on all 3 days, and anglers are welcome to stay as long as they like.

“If the party runs until sunrise then so be it!”

Everhart’s management

This will be a great chance for everyone to get to hang out and meet anglers from other parts of the country, enjoy some music and beverages, and good ole fashion fun. The food truck will be onsite too. See you there!