Kentucky Lake


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This 2 day kayak bass tournament will be hosted by The Kentucky Lake CVB in Marshall County KY, and the Moors Resort.

Anglers may launch from any public access on Kentucky lake or the Tennessee river above Pickwick. Boundaries are from dam to dam.  Lake Barkley is not allowed.

The captains meeting will be on March 18th at 7 pm at Moor’s Resort and Marina. 570 Moors Rd Gilbertsville, KY 42044.

Identifier cards will be handed out and will be required in each photo.

First launch time 6:30am

Competition begins at 7:00am.

Competition ends at 3:00pm.

Photo submission time will be 5:00pm.

No in person meet up after day 1 of competition.

Day 2 times will be the same.

Awards will begin at 6:00pm, location will be at Moors Resort.

Lake Barkley is not allowed.


Date Time League Season
March 19, 2022 7:00 am All American Kayak Series 2022


Moors Resort
Moors Marina, 570, Marina Moors Road, Marshall County, Kentucky, United States

Results — Kentucky Lake

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Jordan Westerman1671305
Chad Davison160.252295
Sam Young157.253290
Jeremiah Burish152.54285
Andy Moore1476276
Nicholas Chabbaria146.57272
Tyler Cole1448268
John Denton1419264
Jeff Thompson134.2510260
Jonathan Dominguez121.2512254
Brad Uhl119.2513251
Zach Gibbons116.7514248
Casey Day114.2516243
Eric Starke113.7517241
Garrett Reid11118239
Ben Wagner10519237
Robert Moss92.520235
Joe Hayes9221233
Kevin Swan8324227
Anthony Winkleman76.2525225
Troy Enke6526223
Mike Dent6327221
Michael Cates58.2528219
Matthew Flett52.530215
Mike Husar26.7534207
Justin Arnold11.2536203
Robert Kempf038201
Kim Nichols040201
Luke Sanders041201