Lake St. Clair Michigan


All American Kayak series stop #5 for the 2022 season.

Lake St. Clair Michigan (On time)



This is a 2-day event. Best 5 fish in length per day will determine the angler’s score.

Each fish may only be submitted once.

Ketch measuring boards only. No Minimum length requirement.

Prefishing/practice period ends at 6:00 pm on June 3. Anglers must be off the water or attempting to get off the water at this time.

Anglers must have the appropriate fishing license and be in compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Tournament Director- Tyler Cole

Tournament judge- Joshua Boothe


Lake St Clair USA waters only.

Northern boundary on the river is Algonac State park boat ramp.

Southern boundary on the river is Riverside park kayak launch

Blossom Heath and 11 mile access ramps are for local residents only and not public access.

Tournament times:
Day 1
First Launch 6am
Competition begins/Lines in 6:30am
Competition ends/ Lines out 2:30pm
Photos in by 3:30pm

No check in day 1

Day 2
First launch 6:00 am
Lines in 6:30 am
Lines out 2:30 pm
Photo submission deadline is 3:30 pm.
Awards at 4 pm

Awards location will be at Bradenburg Park.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Participant agrees to hold MoYak LLC and its successors, assignees, licensees, partners, dealers, employees and volunteer staff harmless for any liability from any injury or damage arising from the participation of this event. Participant acknowledges that they have read the full set of rules located on the website and agree to comply.


Date Time League Season
June 4, 2022 6:00 am All American Kayak Series 2022

Results — Lake St. Clair Michigan

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Mike Coleman1971305
Tyler Cole184.754285
Jordan Westerman183.55280
Robert Moss169.758268
Dustin Cooksley166.59264
Brad Uhl164.7512254
Scott Stuhlmann164.7513251
Greg Vickers163.2514248
Brian Coyne162.516243
Josh Gauger161.517241
John Denton156.7518239
Randy Wagner156.2519237
Jeff Thompson152.520235
Kevin Swan134.7522231