Table Rock Lake


2 Day Event

The All American Kayak series heads to the gem of the Ozarks, Table Rock lake.Anglers may launch from any public access. Arkansas waters are permitted, see the boundary map for more details

First launch time will be 6:00am.

Competition begins at 6:30am.

Competition ends at 2:30pm.

Photo submission deadline is 4:00pm.

Details TBA



Date Time League Season
April 23, 2022 6:00 am All American Kayak Series 2022

Results — Table Rock Lake

TeamInchesBig BassPlacePoints
Chris Longshore1701300
Chad Davison1682295
Blake Collins166.753290
Jason Ray1654285
Troy Enke1625280
Lance Burris1616276
Ryan Reed159.757272
Garrett Reid1598268
Justin Brewer158.759264
Andy Moore156.510260
Mason Brock15611257
Sam Young150.7513251
Richie McMichael14614248
Dan Rehbein14415245
Scott Stuhlmann141.7517241
Dave Neal138.7518244
Nate Gloria137.7519237
Ryan Hendricks136.520235
Ronald Paeper135.7521233
Bobby Rubek132.7522231
Mark Springer132.2523229
Marty Hughes131.524227
Billy Eubanks12925225
Rick Valadez128.527221
Michael Sandlin128.528219
Jerry Cornelius12229217
Dereck Sam116.7530215
John Stickley116.531213
Darian Beedle11632211
Randy Wagner10833209
Shannon Jernigan102.534207
John Denton10235205
Jonathan Dominguez93.7536203
Tyy Ward72.2537201
Brad Uhl67.7538199
Cody Pender65.539197
Justin Arnold63.540195
Ivan Diaz5841193
James Curtis49.542191
Nathaniel Juenke36.2543189
Kenneth Hood26.544187
Jimmy Gower2545185
Jay Harman2146183
Mike Husar1149177
Robert Bahler050175
James Baird051175
Kyle Burns052175
Kenneth Crosser053175
David Cruz054175
Anthony Petardi056175