Team Trail

Best 4 Trail Series events plus the Championship will count for each Team’s final standings.
Championship will be two days and count for standard points.
5% of all entry fees will go into a pot to be awarded to the top team of the year.
Each Team will consist of two anglers.
2023 Team tournaments will be one-day events held on Saturday except for Conway which will be held in conjunction with the Ben Spangler Memorial Tournament hosted by NSKA.
AAKS members may also enter into a draft and enter their name into a random drawing for a team-mate. Drawing will occur Feb 1.
At least one team member must be a current 2023 member of the AAKS in order to compete.
Teams may allow 1 substitution per year.
Team members may NOT assist in the catching or landing of each other’s fish.
Entry fee is $40 per angler per tournament.
*$80 total per team will go into the pot before fees.
No Team Big Bass pot or AOY bonus for big bass.
Top 10% of the field of Teams will be paid. Top 3 Teams guaranteed cash and prize payouts at every event.
Payout amounts will be released after registration deadline.
  • 95% payback after fees.
Anglers will create their teams after registering by going to the TourneyX website
Go to your DASHBOARD on the WEBSITE and click on CREATE TEAM. Once you have created a team name, then your partner will have the option to JOIN that team on his Dashboard.


There will be an official practice period the week before every event. The lake is off limits for 10 days before the practice period begins.
Official practice period begins at 6:00am Saturday prior to the Tournament date.
During this 6-day time frame anglers must abide by tournament day rules while scouting and practicing.
Practice period ends at LINES OUT time for the AAKS Trail Series Friday. All anglers must be off the water at this time.
This is a kayak bass tournament. PFD’s are required during competition as well as during the practice period.
Ketch Co. brand measuring boards only.
12″ minimum length requirement.
Longest 5 Largemouth, spotted, or smallmouth bass will be submitted for each team’s best score. TourneyX will auto cull for every team.
Anglers may compete in multiple events at once and submit any fish caught to all events.
Captains meeting will post up on social media. All details will also be emailed to all competitors the night before first launch.
Events are going up on TourneyX.