The Classic Championship

The next All American kayak Classic will be May 3 & 4th, 2024

Clubs will qualify their anglers in their 2023 season’s AOY race, just like we have been doing – top 10 in AOY plus 2 TD spots, plus 1 Sportsman of the Year award. These anglers will compete the following Spring in the Classic.

Other ways to qualify for the 2024 AAKC

  • Compete in the 2023 All American Series and earn a spot there, by finishing in the top 3 at a tournament.
  • Compete in a minimum of four 2023 All American Series events.
  • Finish in the top 10 in AOY points in the 2023 AAKS.
  • There will be no more Open Shootouts. Anglers will have to earn their spots in the Classic by one of the ways listed above.

Past Champions of the Classic also receive a lifetime qualification spot.

2023 All American Champion Cole SikesĀ  – (NSKA)
2022 All American Champion Brian Hillman – (MOYAK)
2021 All American Champion Jeremy Mitchell (Kamo)


2020 Recap Vid


Boundaries for each event will be the same boundary as designated by the Army Corps of Engineers, or State agency, and or Tournament Director prior to the event. There will be a map posted on the website that shows this defined border for every lake on the Trail series.

*Once an angler has launched from a public access, within that established boundary, they may then fish in any water they can paddle or float the kayak to.

Anglers are allowed to go up rivers, that may be out of the lake’s boundary, as long as they launch inside the boundary.

Portaging is NOT allowed over dry land, but is allowed over temporary obstructions, such as a fallen tree.

If anglers go so far up a creek that their kayak can no longer float then that is as far as you are allowed to go.

Anglers are allowed to pack up and drive to a new location and launch, during the tournament.

In summary, launch from a public access within the lake’s boundary, and then go fish anywhere you can paddle too.