The Classic Championship

Open Shootout – Thursday October, 21 2021

This event is open to anyone. 

The top 50% will advance to the main event.

The top 3 anglers will win prize packs

Entry fee money will roll over into the AAKC.

Anglers that qualify will only have to pay the remaining balance of $130 to enter the main event.

All-American Kayak Classic – Friday & Saturday October, 22-23 2021


Thanks to Everhart’s Outdoors and KDKD Outdoors radio there will be an HOURLY big bass prize for both days of competition. Each hourly big bass will pay out $150.00!

There will also be a chunk of change for the day one overall big bass of $500 and day two overall big bass $500 AND overall big bass of the tournament $1,000!

* (Exact amount depends on how many sign up. Based on min 150 entries.)

At the All American Kayak Classic October 22-23, thanks to NuCanoe some lucky angler will be taking a home a brand new #nucanoe Pursuit kayak. This great fishing kayak will come with #Garmin electronics, and all the stuff you need to drop it in the water and go! This kayak will be raffled off, and everyone in attendance will have a free ticket.

This tournament is to recognize the top anglers from all the clubs in the country and to provide a relaxing venue for everyone to get together at once a year. The top 10 in AOY points from each club’s trail series in 2021 and that club’s TDs are invited. No memberships are required.

For anglers that did not make the top 10, or do not fish a club series, you can still qualify for this Championship. Last-minute Qualifier Thursday, Oct 21, will be an Open Shootout tournament, where the top 50% of the field will advance to the championship round. 

This will be a two-day Championship, best 5 fish per day combined.

No minimum length. Ketch boards only.

 The entry fee is $180 for the All American with a $20 big bass side pot. Trash fish side pot will pay to the angler that catches the largest fish that is NOT a bass.

The entry fee to the Open is $50. Prize payouts only for the Open, entry fees roll into the main event, and anglers that qualify thru the Open only need to pay an additional $130 to enter the main event.

We are also doing a top club trophy award. The top 3 anglers scores from each club will be combined, for a club total, to determine the All American Club Championship winners for 2021.

Check us out on our Facebook group  @The All American Kayak Classic for more updates.

Tournament Details

Captains meeting : Anglers can check in at Everhart’s Outdoors on October 21, from 5:00-8:00pm. Bring measuring boards in for inspection. Identifier will be released.

Tournament times- 

First launch at 6:30am

First cast at 7:00am

Lines out/end of competition at 3:00pm

Photo submission deadline is 4:00pm.  

Awards on day 2 will begin at 5:30pm.  

Tournament HQ and awards will be at Everhart’s Outdoors, Clinton MO.

2020 Champion Jeremy Mitchell (Mo)

Congratulations to the first-ever All American Kayak Classic presented by Everharts Outdoor Store Champion, Jeremy Mitchell!!!!!!!!!!! 167 anglers stormed Truman lake, and his single-day score of 92.75″ earned him some money. The Champ took home $10,700.00 and a couple hundred in hourly big bass cash as well!  Jeremy also won a spot in the KBF the TEN !!!!!!!!

2020 Recap Vid


Boundaries for each event will be the same boundary as designated by the Army Corps of Engineers, or State agency, and or Tournament Director prior to the event. There will be a map posted on the website that shows this defined border for every lake on the Trail series.

*Once an angler has launched from a public access, within that established boundary, they may then fish in any water they can paddle or float the kayak to.

Anglers are allowed to go up rivers, that may be out of the lake’s boundary, as long as they launch inside the boundary.

Portaging is NOT allowed over dry land, but is allowed over temporary obstructions, such as a fallen tree.

If anglers go so far up a creek that their kayak can no longer float then that is as far as you are allowed to go.

Anglers are allowed to pack up and drive to a new location and launch, during the tournament.

In summary, launch from a public access within the lake’s boundary, and then go fish anywhere you can paddle too.